Monday, 13 January 2014

life is good

I've actually had a couple of really nice days to start this other half of my school year. Thursday was my first day of school and I was really tired, but I met Elsa after school which was really nice. We went to this cosy cafe and drank coffee and just had some well needed quality time. I had missed her so much!
On Friday after school me and my friend from school, Hanna, went to see Leonardo Dicaprio's new movie the wolf of wall street. Well the movie was... special haha, Leo was really good as always but the movie was actually not that good in my opinion, the movie was also 3 hours long which was almost too long.  

This Saturday I had a chill morning and in the afternoon I went to my friend Johanna's place. I had brought some cupcakes for us, that my sister and I had baked earlier that day, to celebrate her 18 birthday which I missed because I were at the Gran Canaria. We also used her Jacuzzi which was nice because it was really cold outside so to sit in a hot Jacuzzi was sooo nice. 
Her parents made lobster for dinner and it was so delicious. After dinner we watched some TV while eating way
too much sweets and crisps, we 
also watched Harry Potteand the Deathly Hallows part 1. At around 11 I had to
go home, because I had to get up really early on Sunday. 
Sunday was just a chill day. I went to church and then
went home to drink tea and watch tv-shows.

Today was Monday and it was actually the start of two weeks in school that we call like production weeks, which
means that for two week I will 
only have dance in school and will choreograph and make our own dance
production and then 
will have a lot of dance shows to show our work to an audience. I'm so so sooo exited and it
will be so much fun!!

That was all I wanted to tell you and I promise I will update you more about my dance project in school.

Agnes xx  

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