Wednesday, 8 January 2014

the beauty of the ocean

Hola a todos!
I am back from my lovely trip to Gran Canaria. It was so much fun and enjoyed it very much. I have so many photos and things I want to share with you so I will probably write more post about the trip.
As you know I love to take photos, especially of beautiful and pretty things, and if you stay at a hotel with an ocean view and the beach like less than 10 minutes away then there is a lot of thing to take really pretty photos of.

I loved going to the beach. I could  take photos, sit and read, listen to the ocean, and just live in the moment. I also loved jogging along the shore so I actually went out early in the morning four times just to jog, but it was so much more than just jogging. Imagine running along the beach with a soft wind in your face while hearing only the sound of ocean waves and the sound of your feet against the ground. You can see the ocean if you only turn your head, the magnificent ocean and its waves that keep coming back to the shore. You can really smell the salt from the ocean. Imagine that as you're jogging you suddenly notice a dog running beside you. I don't think it had a owner but it was just very calming to know that the dog was there with me even though it was just for a little while. Imagine that you are so busy talking in all the beauty of the ocean that you don't even notice that your legs are aching. That's exactly what my morning jogs were all about and I loved it so much. I also went jogging one time in the evening so I could see the sun going down while I ran along the beach, which was more beautiful then I can describe or show with pictures.
I have decided that some time during my life I have to live close to the ocean, because it is just such a special feeling watching the ocean and I would really like to experience it more often.

Here are a few of my pictures of the beach and things around it. Enjoy!

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