Thursday, 23 January 2014


This was the third day of dance shows and I can really feel how exhausted my body is. My family came to see the show yesterday and it actually went really good and they said they liked it a lot, even if they think contemporary dance is a little bit weird haha.

Today I got to school at like 11 so I could warm up and do my make up before the show. I actually got a good night sleep and had a non-stressful morning. We had a show at 12 and then we had a lot of spare time before the next show at 7, and I was really tired so Johanna and I decided to go to her place to just chill and relax. We ended up lying on her couch, watching Disney channel and eating Nutella, which was just what we needed. So we just chilled until we had to head back to school to prepare for the next show, which went okey. Right now I'm kind of feeling like a mix of tired and dead. I'm watching Project Runway, but I will probably go to sleep really soon.
Goodnight everyone! 

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