Monday, 27 January 2014

20 facts about me

1. Dance is my life!! I have dance classes everyday in school and I also dance in my spare time. I also looove to sing! Preforming is just one of the best things I know and my dream is to become a musical artist.

2. I'm addicted to coffee and tea! On a normal basis I drink three cups of coffee and two cups of tea every day. (I know it's not good for me but I just can't function without it)

3. I love love love Disney. I collect Disney movies and probably know all the lines and songs of all the ones I have.

4. If you watch a Harry potter movie with me I will sit the whole movie and tell you that "In the book they.." 

5. I'm dreaming of moving to move to England as soon as I'm old enough and have the money.

6. Most of the time I talk really fast, but people say they can hear what I say clearly even though I speak fast.

7. I collect ducks but I didn't really choose it because my friend Hanna always call me 'the duck' and has made it her mission in life to give me as many different kind of ducks that she possibly can. 

8. I speak Swedish and English and I also know some French, Spanish and Latin and I'm detriment to learn more.

9. I'm actually not a muggle its just that they sent Errol to deliver my letter and he fainted on the way so that is why I never got my Hogwarts letter (not jet anyway, but I'm still waiting though).

10. I'm NOT a morning person.

11. I love to travel and I travel quite a lot. Me and Vivi are actually planning to literally travel around the world, like a world trip ;)

12. I sing in a choir and I have been singing in different choirs’ since I was 8 years old.

13. I love chocolate way too much.

14. I get really scared when I watch horror movies and I scream quite a lot.

15. I love kids and always have! I have three siblings and I'm a babysitter to two different families :)

16. I'm famous around my friends for being the one that steals food from everybody hehe ;)

17. I was really blond until I was like 7 or 8 years old when it started to become darker.

18. I own way too many clothes with a dots or collars. I just really like dots and collars.

19. My favorite season is spring, and my favourite month is may.  I just love how everything and everyone comes to life again after the cold winter. 

20. I love Italian and asian food and if I could only eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be either mozzarella cheese with tomato, olive oil and basil or some kind of sushi. 

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  1. You look sooo pretty in these photos sweetie!!! :D <3