Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Feels like it's been forever...

Hello again! It literally feels like it's been forever. I took a break  from blogging this summer, mostly because there was no time, worked most of the time, and the time I had I rather spent with people then with my computer, but now I'm back and I see this as a new start. 

Autumn is here and that means lots of tea, cozy nights, walks among colored leaves, candles, movie nights when it's raining and a lot of other lovely things. It's also really cozy to start blogging when it's autumn, so you will see a lot more post again. I will also show you some of the photos from mine and Ruta's trip to England this summer, which definitely was the highlight of the summer. So don't forget to check out this blog now and then for new updates.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day and I'll see you guys soon <3