Monday, 29 July 2013

oh lovely summer

I have been travelling and also been spending time at my family's summerhouse so that is why I haven't been blogging much lately. I also went to Göteborg to visit my friends Johanna and Maria. We did a lot of summery stuff like going to the beach, drinking a lot of ice latte, eating a lot of ice cream and sweets but one day when it was bad weather we had a Harry Potter movie marathon. Johanna and I also coloured our hairs, I coloured my hair from red back to brown. I have also been a bridesmaid at a family friends wedding, it was a really beautiful wedding with really good food. I have also been spending a lot of times with my friends just enjoying summer. Here are some pictures of my summer so far:

some beautiful pink roses

My friend Benedicte being crazy

This is when I was in Göteborg to visit my friends Johanna and Maria

My pretty friend Emilia

Some cold drinks from starbucks! 
this is Inez, my friend's dog, she is just so cute

marshmallow time with the family

The beautiful bride and groom at the wedding I went to

Summer desert!
My pretty sister making pancakes outside

 When Vivi stayed at my summerhouse and she fell asleep in the sun

my happy summer face

Me feeling very pale next to Vivi

wild strawberries, one of the most summery and delicious things ever

My cute weirdo

So that was some pictures. I will try to blog more now when I'm home again, but I started working at my new job today and I will work Mondays to Fridays until school starts so I will see if I have some time left for some blogging. 

Hope you are all having a good summer!

Agnes xx

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