Monday, 13 October 2014


It's been a busy weekend, but also a really fun weekend. This Friday we celebrated Ruta's 18th birthday at TGI Friday's. Apart from Ruta, myself, Anna and Bea there was also three of Ruta's friend. We had a really nice time and I ate way way to much. The music is incredibly loud at Friday's, however we still manage to communicate by yelling haha. I got home quite late and I had a sure throat and a full stomach, but it was a fun night.

On Saturday I met up with Hanna for lunch and we then decided to headed to IKEA because I needed to buy some things for my room. Apart from the decoration stuff for my room we also took the chance to buy cheep coffee and cakes, because that's something that you have to do when you're at IKEA. It was really great catching up with Hanna.

This Sunday after church my friend Miriam and I bought some coffee and decided to go for a long walk in our beautiful Stockholm. I had missed her so much and it was lovely to walk without a destination and just talk, I think that's underestimated.

That was a summery of my weekend and I hope you all had a nice weekend too.

Agnes xx

Sunday, 5 October 2014

You can never have too many books

1.Four - Veronica Roth
2. Paper Towns - John Green
3. The Blue Castle - L. M. Montgomery
4. The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

Thursday, 2 October 2014

quote of the day

“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together” 
― Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Monday, 29 September 2014

let's go to the movies

I've been to the movies a lot lately, probably because Autumn has arrived and one of the things I love to do when it starts getting colder and darker is going to the movies. I thought I could tell you about two of the movies I've seen this month, The Maze Runner and Begin Again.

The Maze Runner
It's about Thomas who wakes up in a lift and has no memory of his previous life. When the lift's doors open, Thomas finds himself surrounded by boys around his age, who welcome him to the glade - the centre of a guint maze. All the other boys have no memory of the time before they arrived to the glade like Thomas did. All they know is that every morning the stone doors to the maze open and every night they close. Thomas knows that somehow it's his destiny to help everyone escape the maze. 

I read the book almost a year ago, Eline Recommended it, and I loved it. The book was excellent and I was super exited when I heard that they were going to make a movie staring one of my favorite actors Dylan O'Brian. I had really high expectations and maybe that's why I'm a little bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the movie was amazing. Eline and I saw the movie on the premiere and we were so exited. The sceneries was fantastic and the cast was perfect (Dylan was amazing of course), but there were still something missing. They had taken away some of my favorite things from the book and they really rushed through the story. I still recommend it though and I'm looking forward to the next movie.

Begin Again
The movie is about the chance encounter between Dan, a disgraced record-label executive, and Gretta, a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan. The encounter between them turns into a collaboration and they start recording an album outside, in different parts of Manhattan. 

Ruta and I saw Begin Again just because we both really like Keira Knightley. We didn't really know what the movie was about, so my expectations weren't very high. I was happily surprised, I loved it! The music, the story, the sceneries from Manhattan, everything was amazing. I didn't know that Keira could sing, but she really can. The soundtrack is unbelievably good and I really really recommend the movie. Below is one of the songs from the movie.

   Keira Knightley - Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home

So go and see both of these movies now will ya? :)

with lipstick on my lips

I've started to love wearing lipstick, or actually I've started to love buying lipsticks. I bought three new lipsticks in London, but this is one of my old favorites. It's from Rimmel London and is called Firecracker. I really like the colour and the fact that it's easy to wear <3

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Feels like it's been forever...

Hello again! It literally feels like it's been forever. I took a break  from blogging this summer, mostly because there was no time, worked most of the time, and the time I had I rather spent with people then with my computer, but now I'm back and I see this as a new start. 

Autumn is here and that means lots of tea, cozy nights, walks among colored leaves, candles, movie nights when it's raining and a lot of other lovely things. It's also really cozy to start blogging when it's autumn, so you will see a lot more post again. I will also show you some of the photos from mine and Ruta's trip to England this summer, which definitely was the highlight of the summer. So don't forget to check out this blog now and then for new updates.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day and I'll see you guys soon <3  

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

summer breakfast

My sister made some delicious banana pancakes for breakfast, so we had a really yummy summer breakfast with watermelon and raspberries <3

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

oh summer

Hello everyone! My name is Agnes and I am the person who runs this blog and believe it or not but I am still alive. I haven't written anything since my birthday last month. Even though it is summer and I should have more spare time, I still always find different excuses each time. I hope you haven’t missed me too much ;) 

I thought I could give you a little update about what has been going on in my life. I have been working a lot and when I haven't been work I've been spending time with family and friends. Some highlights have been being at our country house with my family, just relaxing and swimming and chill stuff like that. Other highlights have been all the sleepovers and coffee dates with my dear Ruta. We have planned our London trip, been drinking lot of coffee, watched movies and Tv-series and just had a cozy time.
 I have also been spending a lot of time with Eline. We have had a lot of Coffee and Ice cream dates with lots of talking. It's always nice to spend time with that girl. Another fun thing this summer was Ida’s birthday party. I had such a great time with great people and tasty food.

 My dearest Vivi left for Taiwan in June and will be gone until August. She stayed at my country house before leaving and I tried spending a lot of time with her before she left. I miss her a lot and I can't wait until she's back again. 

So far this summer has been really nice and I hope your summer has been good too. I will try to keep you more updated, I promise :)

in the sun

Friends, food and sun is the best recipe for a nice summer evening <3

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I turned 18 a couple of days ago and my eighteens birthday was probably one of my best birthdays ever. I got to spend the day with the best people: my family and friends. It just felt so good to have all my dearest and closest people all at the same place and I got celebrated in the best way. It got me thinking how lucky I am and that I'm so thankful for everything and everyone.

 Here are some pictures from my birthday that I wanted to share with you and yes I changed dress :)

Thursday, 5 June 2014


Don't change one thing
Just burn to the end
At Seventeen girl"

- Seventeen by Jet

Friday, 30 May 2014

Dublin, Ireland

I am really sorry that I haven't been writing much, but I thought I could tell you about my trip to Dublin.

Vivi and I went to Dublin early in the morning last Thursday. We were really exited, but tired. Flying and all that went really good and I didn't expect it to be so easy to get to our hotel. So we checked in and then we were out on the streets of Dublin. We did so much shopping the first day and I loved it. We went to shops like Forever 21, New Look, Mac, Topshop, Ireland's Primark that is called Penneys, Boots and a lot of other shops too. We ate fish and chips for dinner and just had a great time before we went back to the Hotel.

Our friends Hanna, Anna and Bea were going to arrive to Dublin around noon, so Vivi and I ate breakfast at the hotel and then did some more shopping before meeting up with them. The five of us then went to an Irish pub to eat lunch. I just love the Irish people, they are just really funny and just nice to speak to, even though you don't understand everything they say. We spent the rest of the day walking around in Dublin and showing the others the best shops and so on. We ate Nandos for dinner which was really nice and we had a lot of fun. We then went to the hotel, but we could hear the concert from our window so we decided to go to Croke Park to check and listen. So we went there and it was amazing that we could hear them so well. It started raining but it didn't really matter because we knew that we would be inside Croke Park the next day at the concert. After that we were quite cold so we decided to go to this pub to listen to Irish music and just hang out. It was getting a little late so we then decided to go back to the hotel to get some sleep.

We were really exited and nervous on Saturday morning. It was the day of the concert and we just couldn't wait. We decided to check out Dublin a little bit more before getting ready for the concert. So we walked to Temple Bar, which is the oldest and most famous bar in Dublin. We also bought some food and drinks to eat before the concert. We then went back to hotel to get ready. We were really exited. We then went to Croke Park and because Bea had VIP tickets she had to stand in an other line then us. We stood in the line for like and hour before they let us into Croke Park. It was so big, I just couldn't believe it. We actually got to stand really close to the stage and I was really happy until we noticed that most of the girls standing around us were bitches that just kept pushing and then to make it worse it started raining. We had to stand at our spots for like three hours before anything happened. But it was nice too, because we spoke to these really nice Irish girls. 5 Seconds of Summer was the Band playing before One Direction and everyone was really happy. I actually made eye contact with Luke which made me quite Starstruck.We also noticed how close we were and that in less then an hour we would be this close to the boys in One Direction. I have to be unest and tell you that I haven't been much of a One Direction fan the last couple of months, but I started to listen to their new album again like a week before the concert and when we were at the concert all my feelings from when I really loved them came back. This was absolutely one of my favourite concert. I loved it so much and was just so amazing and unbelievable. I can't even describe the feeling when you and you friends and 84.000 other people all are singing the same song and the rain is pouring down and you are dancing and singing and the band is just amazing. I loved every second of the concert, even though it was raining almost all the time.

After the concert we were starving and we found this hamburger place and I can't describe how hungry and cold I was. When you are at a concert you don't really notice things like cold and hunger, so afterwards all the feelings come at once. We then went back to the hotel and I swear that my whole body was aching, but we had to pack our bags because we were leaving early in the morning.

On Sunday we ate breakfast and then we had to take a taxi to the airport. Anna's family was in Dublin so she was going to stay one more day so we had to say goodbye to her. At the airport we almost missed our plane because we were busy drinking coffee at Starbucks haha. The people at our gate were laughing at us when we came to our gate, running and with coffee in our hands. The flight home went by really quick and in just a few hours we arrived in a warm Sweden. The weather in Dublin had been cold and rainy, I didn't really mind, but the weather in Sweden had been super hot so yeah we missed that. I had actually been ill right before the trip and a lot of times during the trip I didn't feel really well, but I drank a lot of tea and took some painkillers so I still had a lovely time.

This a collage with pictures from our trip <3

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

my weekend

I just thought I would tell you about my weekend, because I haven't been updating much lately :)
So this Friday Johanna and I went to this dance show with the oldest students at my school and they were all amazing. After that Johanna and I went to her place. Her parents made meat and fries for dinner and we ate outside which was really cosy. We then decided to sit on her bed and watch the movie Remember Me and eat sweets and chips. We were both really tired but Johanna was the one falling asleep like half an hour into the movie, so I watched the rest of the movie and then I fell asleep too.

In the morning we just chilled, ate breakfast and ate the rest of the sweets. I then had to go home to change and then I met up with Ruta. The weather was absolutely lovely and it was sunny and warm outside. So we went to Espresso House and ordered our coffee and then decided to sit outside. I ordered an ice latte and Ruta some kind of chocolate frapino. We then decided to walk around in beautiful Stockholm before Ruta had to go to her modelling class. I headed home and in the evening my family had some family friends over and we had a really nice dinner. 

This Sunday I went to church and then after church my friend Miriam and I bought some things to have a little picnic, we bought bread and brownies and a lot of other nice stuff. After the picnic we decided to just walk around and talk. I love spending time with her because we can both have a lot of fun together, but we can also have really serious conversations. After saying goodbye to each other I went home to do some homework and to rest. I started to feel ill in the evening and I had to stay home from school both yesterday and today because of fever. I have studied a lot and also watched the 90's movie Clueless, which I like a lot, and watched the TV show Veronica Mars a lot.
Now I have to start packing because I'm going to Ireland in just 2 DAYS!!!

Friday, 16 May 2014

I'd rather dance than talk with you

I've been listening to a lot of music lately and this is a song that I've been listening to quite a lot. I liked it very much when I was little and I now I've started listening to it again. It just such a good song that makes you both happy and relaxed. I really like Kings Of Convenience, they have lots of really good song. I also like the music video for I'd Rather Dance With You, so check it out :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Friday, 9 May 2014




These are some quotes from one of my favorite movies; 10 Things I Hate About You. I love the character Kat and that she reminds us that we should be ourself and not care what other people think.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

one month left

Today is the 6th of May and that means that it is only one month left until my birthday, my eighteen birthday to be exact. My birthday keeps getting closer and therefore we are planning my birthday celebration. That got me thinking more about it all. Turning eighteen means that I will count as an adult, I will be able to do more things and I will have more responsibilities. I will no longer be a child.
I have some kind of love and hate feeling about turning eighteen. It makes me both exited and terrified to think about it. I imagine being eighteen is so much different from being seventeen, but it probably won't be that different, or at least that is what I try to convince myself. 

One month left. One month left of being count as a child. But as I see it I won't ever really grow up. 
I will always be that childish quirky person.

 In some way I will stay the same.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

always look on the bright side of life

I really think I've deserved the last couple of days without school and other obligations. I've just been reading good books, watched good movies and listened to good music. I've also spent time with friends, been resting a lot and done things that makes me happy.

Some highlights are the sleepover with Vivi at my place when we just chilled, watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, watched YouTube videos and just spent some quality time together. She always makes me feel better and we always have so much fun together.

Another highlight was when Ruta, her sister Milda and I went to see Divergent at the movies yesterday. We were all so exited and we were not disappointed. I love the books and the movie was almost exactly how I had pictured it, I l loved it. Shailene Woodley and Theo James were amazing as Tris and Four and the film makers really did a great job creating everything from the book. The world, the factions, the story and the characters, I liked it all. The only bad thing was that I got a little bit sad that some characters from the book that I really liked didn't get as much attention in the movie, but other than that the movie was perfect. We were all super happy afterwards and I will defiantly see the movie again soon.

I have re energized the last couple of days, but I'm still not redo to go back to school yet. I don’t want to go back to the stress, the obligations and the anxiety. I know it’s only one month left until summer break is here, but it still feels like such a long time. I have to stay positive and be thankful for all the small things that makes me happy.
I know I will make it and so will you guys!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monday, 28 April 2014

what I have been up to

I have had a fun couple weeks, but they have also been pretty stressful weeks because of homework and lots of test in school. On the other hand I have also had a really nice Easter holiday. We went from grieving Jesus death to celebrate his resurrection.

I also had a lovely time with Ruta walking around in our beautiful city of Stockholm. We went to Kungstr√§dg√•rden, wathched the pretty cherryblossoms and ate ice cream. We then went to her place to have a sleepover. A summery of the sleepover is that we drank way too much coffee (as usual), ate way to much sweets and cupcakes and just chilled. We watched the movies 21 Jump Street and The Bling Ring. I had wanted to watch The Bling Ring for some time and it was a really good movie and Emma Watson was amazing as always. 21 Jump Street is a movie based on a tv-show from the 80's starting Johnny Depp. The movie was really funny and Channing Tatum was as handsome as always.

Ruta and I among the pretty cherry blossoms

The last week was a busy week in school after the holidays, so it was really nice to rest this weekend. Minnie and I were also babysitting our cousins this Sunday, which was a lot of fun. Our cousins are just the cutest, even though they are quite mischievous.

This week is going to be a lot shorter, because I don't have any school on Thursday and Friday, which is just awesome. I also feel like I've got a lot of inspiration for some new posts, so you will see more posts soon again.  

But it's probably time to go to bed now, so goodnight! 

Bang Bang

Here is me singing Nancy Sinatra's song Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).
I thought you maybe wanted to hear it, so here it is!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

quote of the day

“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...” 
Frances Hodgson Burnett, 
The Secret Garden