Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Everything is beautiful at the ballet

I wanted to tell you about this monday when Vivi and I went to the Royal Swedish Opera to see the ballet Swan Lake. It was a present from her to me and I had been looking forward to it for so long. I have been to the Royal Opera house before and I have always loved going there because it is one of the most beautiful places I know. It's always magicical going there because you feel like you are a princess in a palace. I love all the golden details, the big stairs, the magnificent room where the stage is with the beautiful big crystal Chandelier that is hanging from the ceiling and of course the best thing is watching the beautiful dancers preform.  Swan Lake is also probably the most famous ballet and I have always wanted to see it live. It was as beautiful as I had hoped and the dancers were incredible. They do things I can only dream of doing and they dance so gracefully and effortlessly. It inspires me so much to watch them dance and it makes me want to get better myself, so that one day someone will look at me and think that my dancing is beautiful.

"But, Everything was beautiful at the ballet. 
Graceful men lift lovely girls in white. 
Everything was beautiful at ballet

I was happy… at the ballet"
- From the song At the Ballet from the musical A Chorus Line 



  1. That sounds lovely! Do you know what group was performing? Because I saw Swan Lake at around New Year, so I was wondering if it was the same we saw :3

    1. It was lovely! And I don't know if it was any specific group that preformed, I think it was just the dancers from the opera. I don't know if you saw the same dancers as I did because sometimes they invite dancers to do Swan Lake :) <3