Saturday, 25 January 2014

chilling with friends

So far this weekend has been all about resting and chilling. Yesterday we had our last dance show, which was really fun, but still both sad and a big relief. This two weeks when we prepared, choreographed and danced our dance show was so much fun and it really reminded me why I love dancing so much, but it also reminded me that dancing is really exhausting.

I was really tired after the last show yesterday so I went home to rest a bit before I met up with Eza and we went to Johanna's place to have a cosy sleepover. We actually just chilled, used her sauna (which was really nice after being out in the cold), watched some movies and ate sweets, which was exactly what I needed after this busy and exhausting week. We woke up at like 10 this morning and ate breakfast and then we decided to just collapse on her sofa, watch Disney Channel and then the movie We're the Millers (which was sooo funny) and eat all the candy that was left from yesterday. Eza wanted us to do some activity or something, but Johanna and I was just really tired (haha we are so lazy sometimes) so we ended up chilling until like 2 when I headed home. When I got home I took a bath, watched the movie Brave with mi famila and then after dinner ate a delicious cake made by my sister. Right now I'm just really tired so I am heading to bed. Goodnight!  

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