Sunday, 19 January 2014

resting after a long busy week

This has been quite a busy week, with all the extra dancing in school and the extra long days. I actually was in school yesterday too, even though it was Saturday, because there was this day when students how are thinking of going to our school can visit and get to see the school and meet the teachers and students and so on. I had three different dance classes, so people could see how are dance classes are. It was really fun, even though my body was quite tired after the long week. So I was in school from twelve to around four in the afternoon. I went home and had a really cosy evening. I took a long bath, drank vanilla tea and read. It was really exactly what I needed, just to relax.

After dinner I met up with Vivi and we took the bus to Anna's place. We had had so much fun, playing Just Dance and then watching Tangled (love that movie so much). It got pretty late before Vivi and I headed home. We actually missed our bus (so typical us), so we had to wait outside in the middle of the night even though it was freezing because the next bus wouldn't come until half an hour later haha.

Today I just went to church and then met up with Bea for some coffee. After that I went home to just chill and rest so I would be ready to face next week with a positive attitude and without being too tired. I'm so exited for all the dance shows next week, I just love performing so much. I know it's going to be tough, but I will try to focus on the things that makes it worth it.

I hope everyone had a good week and that you won't feel so tired tomorrow even though it's Monday.

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