Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monday, 28 April 2014

what I have been up to

I have had a fun couple weeks, but they have also been pretty stressful weeks because of homework and lots of test in school. On the other hand I have also had a really nice Easter holiday. We went from grieving Jesus death to celebrate his resurrection.

I also had a lovely time with Ruta walking around in our beautiful city of Stockholm. We went to Kungsträdgården, wathched the pretty cherryblossoms and ate ice cream. We then went to her place to have a sleepover. A summery of the sleepover is that we drank way too much coffee (as usual), ate way to much sweets and cupcakes and just chilled. We watched the movies 21 Jump Street and The Bling Ring. I had wanted to watch The Bling Ring for some time and it was a really good movie and Emma Watson was amazing as always. 21 Jump Street is a movie based on a tv-show from the 80's starting Johnny Depp. The movie was really funny and Channing Tatum was as handsome as always.

Ruta and I among the pretty cherry blossoms

The last week was a busy week in school after the holidays, so it was really nice to rest this weekend. Minnie and I were also babysitting our cousins this Sunday, which was a lot of fun. Our cousins are just the cutest, even though they are quite mischievous.

This week is going to be a lot shorter, because I don't have any school on Thursday and Friday, which is just awesome. I also feel like I've got a lot of inspiration for some new posts, so you will see more posts soon again.  

But it's probably time to go to bed now, so goodnight! 

Bang Bang

Here is me singing Nancy Sinatra's song Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).
I thought you maybe wanted to hear it, so here it is!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

quote of the day

“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...” 
Frances Hodgson Burnett, 
The Secret Garden

Saturday, 19 April 2014

✝ Deus Caritas Est ✝

It is important that we remember what yesterday was all about. That we remember what he did for us because he loves us

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Get up, get out, spring is everywhere

I had a lovely day yesterday! I met up with Vivi around noon and we decided to go Kungsträdgården to see the beautiful Cherry Blossoms. The weather was lovely so we bought some ice cream and sat in the sun watching all the pretty pink trees. There were lots of people there, it always is in the spring. We then  did some shopping, bought some coffee and headed home. I got home and did some studying before dinner.

I met up with Johanna around 8 to buy grapes and Exotic Snacks and we then went back to my place and decided to watch the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I still don't understand that Johnny Depp is able to play characters like Jack Sparrow and then play Willy Wonka who is a completely different kind of character. He is truly an amazing actor and always will be! We were both really tired after the movie, but we had to walk the dogs before we could go to sleep. 

This morning we woke up to sunshine through the window and had a chill morning just eating breakfast while watching How I Met Your Mother. Then Johanna had to leave and I spent the rest of the day resting and studying, until I had to go to church in the evening because it is Maundy Thursday. 

I'm really tired now and will probably go to bed. 

"O, how this spring of love resembleth. The uncertain glory of an April day!" -William Shakespeare

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

oh sunny day

I have had a really nice day. The weather was lovely and sunny today, so my brother Tobias and I decided to take a long walk with our dog Sigge. It was nice to see that so many  colourful flowers everywhere. Spring is finally here to stay!  When we came back we ate some pizza for lunch and then decided to get some milkshake, which was yummy yummy! 

I've had a chill afternoon in the sun, just reading and drinking coffee. I also decided to go out for a run outside, with loud music on repeat in my ears. It was exhausting, but it felt really good afterwards. I really should try to make running a habit again, because I think it is a good way to exercise beside from all my dancing in school.

Right now I'm trying to study some math and it's not going very well, but I should get some applause for trying. I should really get back to my equations and fractions now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

Monday, 14 April 2014


I'm not going to give you a lame excuse about me being busy, I'm just going to tell you all the fun things I have been up to instead.
I've had dance shows in school, which was so much fun but really exhausting, I've also baked lots of chocolate cakes and other sweet stuff with Johanna to sell when we had our dance shows. 
I've  had a coffee date with Ruta, been to Bea's 18th birthday party and bought tickets to Ed Sheeran's concert in Sweden (!), so Vivi and I are going to see Ed Sheeran live in November and I'm so happy and exited. I've also seen Don Giovanni at the Royal Opera House with my grandparents, which was great. I always love going to there because it just such a stunning and beautiful building and both the ballets and the operas are amazing. 

Other then that I have been enjoying that spring is in the air and the fact that it is finally Easter holiday.
I have a wonderful week in front of me and I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.

Gorgeous chandelier at the Royal Opera House and some coffee from Espresso House <3

Sunday, 13 April 2014

new bag

I absolutely love my new bag that I bought at the Vintage festival!  

Thursday, 3 April 2014

if only the weekends were longer

I know it's Thursday, but because this has been quite an ordinary week, so I thought I could tell you about last weekend. As I told you before I went to the movies with Vivi last Friday. We saw American Hustle, and even though we missed the first 15 minutes of the movie (we were late hehe)  we still understood everything and it was a really good movie with amazing actors. I didn't really get the end, but I still liked the movie a lot and it's always fun to watch movies with Vivi because we both like to make comments about what's happening haha :)

Then on Saturday I had a chill morning with tea and some studying. In the afternoon I met up with Ruta and we bought some take away coffee and then bought some snacks and stuff we needed to bake brownies. After that we went to my place and had a little photo shoot and then started making the brownies and at the same time making dinner for us and my siblings, because my parents weren't home. We ate dinner and then it was time for earth-hour, so we switched all our lights off and lit some candles instead. All of us played Cluedo, which was so much fun, while eating our delicious artistic brownies.

Art or cake? Cake or art?
Candle <3

After the hour we switched on the lights again and my parents came home, so Ruta and I started to look for flight and hotel for our trip to England this Summer. We found both flight and hotel, but we decided to what until the next day to book everything.

Then came Sunday, which was a beautiful and sunny day. Ruta and I went to church, but right after that I had to hurry because I had promise my friend Elsa to come to this Vintage Festival. She was one of the organisers and had told be a lot about it and I was really exited to see what see and her friends had accomplished , and maybe buy some pretty things. It took a while to go there, because I had to take the train from Stockholm to Uppsala, but it was worth it. There were a lot of people there and there were so many beautiful Vintage dresses, Retro stuff, pretty shoes and bags and everything old and antic you can imagine, I even saw old Vouge magazines from the 50's. I really felt at home and if I could I would have stayed longer then I did, but because it was so far away I could only stay for less then two hours. I did had time to buy a few things though. I fell in love with this really pretty bag, that I immediately decided to buy, I will show you a photo later. I also bought a black scarf and a belt, and I would have bought so much more if I have had more money with me and my more time to look around. When I came home I was really tired, but I still got my dad to help me book both flight and hotel. Everything is now booked Ruta and I have started our countdown until the trip. We are so exited it's almost ridiculous and I really can't wait.

That was everything about last weekend and fortunately it's almost weekend again and hopefully this one will as funny as the last one :)