Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I'm having a cosy evening with some tea, dark chocolate and some more episodes of Teen Wolf, which is a perfect ending of a really good day.

I had a chill morning and then I met up with Eline in the afternoon to eat an early dinner. After walking around for a while we ended up at this quite fancy Italian restaurant in Gamla Stan. We were really hungry and I ordered  a pasta with chicken, pesto and sundried tomatoes, which was absolutely delicious. It was so nice to spend time with Eline, talking and laughing. We actually laughed so much that I think the waitresses thought we were drunk, because they looked a little bit worried haha. After dinner we had some coffee and exchanged late Christmas presents, which was really nice haha. I got a body scrum from the Body Shop which smells really good and Pride and Prejudice as an audiobook (yeey), she knows me well.
After arguing for a while about who were suppose to ask for the check we finally left the restaurant and headed home. It was a really nice evening and now I'm going to continue to watch Teen Wolf.
Good night! 

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