Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's day

The card I placed among the roses I gave to my sister,"To my beloved sister" <3

The beautiful flowers I got from my parents <3

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! (Iknow I am late but whatever haha)
I spent my Valentine's day with friends and family and it has been a really nice day with lots of chocolate, flowers and loved ones. When I came home from school I found some beautiful white roses in my room from my parents. Later I got some pretty pink roses from my sister and I gave her some roses too, which was something we had decided to do and it was just really nice.
My family had some family-friends over for dinner and that was really nice. We ate a lot of Valentine's Day sweets and chocolate as desert which I was soo tasty. Later in the evening me and Ruta had kind of a movie night watching the movie About Time. Beacuse we weren't able to really meet we decided to watch the same movie at the same time and then like communicate through our phones, so it felt like we were watching it together. That was our solution haha. The movie was really good, a very cosy and feel-good movie which we both really liked.

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