Sunday, 9 February 2014

feeling better

I have been sick the last couple of days and I am finally feeling better. That's good because I am really starting to get tired of feeling like shit, even though there is a good side of staying at home. There has been a lot of resting, tea drinking, reading and I have also been watching a lot of movies and tv-series. I have also been studying a little bit, even though I didn't want to, becuase otherwise I would have to do so much when I go back to school again. Right now I am studying for a big math test and I am actually terrified, but I hope that I will do well anyway. 

I really should go to bed now, because tomorrow is Monday and for me it's kind of I new start. I am feeling healthy again and I will really try to do my absolute best when it comes to both School work, Dancing and life overall. I know I can do it!    

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