Monday, 24 February 2014

A really nice Monday

This has been a  really nice and fun Monday, I thought I'd never say those words. We have no school this week which is really great, because then I have time do fun things and time to meet friends.

I met up with my childhood friends Hanna and Elin for lunch today. The three of us hadn't seen each other for a long time and it was really nice to see them. We ate lunch, went though some shops and also stopped by a cafe so I could get a cappuccino, because I had complained for a while that I was in big need of coffee and eventually they got tired of it so I got my coffee.

After I had said goodbye to Hanna and Elin, at around three in the afternoon, I went to Anna's place to watch Teen Wolf with Anna and Vivi. I started watching Teen Wolf two days ago and I actually really really like it. So we watched some episodes together and ate Pizza, which was really cosy. Eventually I had to head home to walk my dogs and Vivi had to go work. But it has been a really fun day and I really enjoyed my school-free Monday.

My well deserved cappuccino <3

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