Saturday, 28 September 2013


This has been a very productive morning for me. I have bough tickets to both One Direction's concert in Sweden and Ellie Goulding's concert in Sweden (I'm soo happy!!!), so now I have lots of fun things to look forward to. I have also ordered a promotion for my drivers licencee and given back the money I borrowed from my parents for the England trip. So now  I feel very happy, relived and mature haha :)

Yesterday was also very nice! Me and my friends Johanna, Ewe, Jocke and Saga had a really nice and cosy movie night at Johanna's place. We ate Chinese food and pizza for dinner and then watched The Lone Ranger, staring Johnny Depp among others, while eating way to much sweets and chips. But at like half past 11 I had to go home and It was really dark and scary but I made it home without dying so that was good ;)

And now I'm going to help my father buy some birthday presents for my little cousin and than I will probably meet up with Vivi.

Have a nice day everyone!

Agnes xx  

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