Thursday, 26 September 2013

Time goes by so fast...

It feels like I haven't been writing here in ages. I'm sorry about that but I have just been very busy with school and friends and the reason I'm able to write now is that I'm sick and stayed home from school and thought it would be a good idea to write a blogpost to update you guys about some fun things I've been up to.

Not last Friday but the Friday my whole family and like all my relatives on my mother's side had a big crayfish party, even my grandmother that lives in England came but my grandfather had to stay home with the cat in England. A crayfish party is a Swedish tradition when you in the beginning of the autumn eat a lot of crayfishes together. It was really fun to hang out with all my cousins even though I'm the oldest one. I probably at so much a don't want to see another crayfish until next year.
I also had a really nice evening and cosy sleepover with my friend Johanna the day after. First we went to Vivi's family's restaurant and ate Thai-food and then went to her place to eat lots of sweets while watching the movie The Host, which wasn't the best movie but still okey.

Then last week I meet up with Vivi on Saturday. The plan was that we were suppose to go to the gym, but we ended up eating Mexican food and then buying coffee at Espresso House that we took with us to Kungsträgården. It was really nice and fun until Vivi almost got robbed. We were sitting and watching something on my phone and did not realise that a man were walking like around us and then without us noticing took Vivi's bag and slowly walking away but thank God I turned around it that moment and saw him. In like one second I saw that he was holding her bag and that her's was missing so I just took it from him and he just gave me this horrible smile before he ran away. Horrible person!! The weird thing was that Vivi hadn't  even noticed it so she was like what happened so I had to tell her that the man took her bag. We both got like scared and decided to go. This time we were lucky but I'm going to be more careful now.

Then last Sunday after church my friend Bene and I saw Immortal Instruments - City of Bones (yes I go to the movies a lot hehe). It was soooo good!! I got a big celebrity crush on Jamie Campbell Bower now and so do Bene haha. I have not actually read the books yet, but I will as soon as I'm finished with Incergent.

So that is some fun thing I've been up to. I've also been meeting friends for coffee after school, and been studying a lot, reading a lot, drinking a lot of tea and yeah just chilling at home when I have time over.
I'm also looking forward to my family's trip to Italy in a couple of weeks. Its like the third of fourth time I visit Italy and Im so exited. I love the food, the weather and It's just a really nice country. I'm also going to see the new pope with my own eyes and I'm so exited, we all love him.

So that was a "little" update about what I've been up to. I'm going to try to wright more now, I promise.
And now I'm going to watch Les Miserables and drink tea.

Agnes xx

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