Monday, 9 September 2013

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I've had a really nice weekend actually. From Friday night to Saturday afternoon I was babysitting two of my cousins, Axel and Lisen. They are just the cutest and we watch lots of episode of kids programs, ate sweets, played some games and I also reed some books they wanted me to read. It was actually quite chill!
Then after that I went to meet up with Ruta and Anna to buy some sweets to our sleepover. We than went to my place and started watching "I am number four". Ruta and I such have such a big crush on Alex Pettifyr!! Half way through the move Bea came (she was almost two hours late, like usually haha). We than ate dinner, first crayfishes and than pizza, haha. We than watched a movie called "Exam" which was actually a good, but quite creepy movie. Summation of the sleepover: we ate to much and we slept to little. I had been looking forward to this sleepover all week and these girls are just the best. (If you want to read more about our sleepover you can go to Ruta's blog)  
This Sunday was chill! Me and Bea had lunch at this fun Asian place and in the evening I had two dance classes. So yeah that was my weekend and I really hope this week will be a short one because I want it to be weekend again soon.

Agnes xx

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