Thursday, 3 October 2013


Hello everybody! 

Today was just a normal Thursday, with school and dance classes and everything. I also had my English speech today and that actually went really well so I'm  keeping my fingers crossed for an A.
My school day today was quite long and after school I was suppose to meet up with my friend Elsa to go and get a cup of coffee, but than in the last minute she canceled our plans because she said she had to study, so we changed our plans and decided that we could meet on monday insted.  So instead of meeting Elsa I went and bought some take-away coffee and the latest edition of Elle and went home. Than I had a pretty chill evening at home just reading Elle, watching my favourite youtubers latest videos and just relaxing because I don't have any homework or big tests in the near future. It's nice to not have to worry about that for a change. And now I just have to survive one more day before the weekend. 

Agnes xx

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