Monday, 2 September 2013

another week has gone by

Just because I refuse to think that summer is over so I'm posting this picture of some flowers I picked a couple of weeks ago <3

I've had a week filled with lots of dance classes, school stuff and wonderful friends. It's been another busy week but it actually really nice to be back in school. I already feel like everything has gone back to normal, but that's okey because I had kind of missed my routines and I had missed dancing a LOT. I've have had one or two dance classes every day this week,except Saturday, and that how it's gonna be for the rest of the year.  My body has been feeling sore every day and I've already got some bruises but it is so worth it beacause dancing makes me happy. One thing  I haven't missed though is all the homework we have already gotten from school, but at least for now I can handle it.

This Saturday  I just rested a lot, read some books, drank a lot of tea, watched a lot of Pretty Little Liars episode to catch up and just had a chill time with my family eating homemade applepie.
This Sunday I went to church and and then after that went to have a lunch/coffee with my very dear friend Ruta (you can find her blog here). We went to Wayne's Coffee and ended up talking for hours about our dreams, the future and all between heaven and earth. I had such a good time and it feels so good to talk to someone that has the same kind of crazy unrealistic dreams as I do.

Agnes xx

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