Sunday, 6 October 2013

and then it was sunday again...

Time just flies by and suddenly it's Sunday evening and Monday tomorrow. I had a really nice evening and sleepover yesterday with my weridos Vivi and Anna at Vivi's place. I came to Vivi's at like 6 and Vivi and I just chilled until Anna came at like half past 8 and we could finally eat. We ate Thai food which was delicious and than did a failed twitcam on Annas twitter haha. We also did the chubby bunny challenge with the twist that instead of saying chubby bunny we sang a song and the other two would try to guess which song it was, that was really funny. After that we watched the movie Ps. I love you and as always when I watch that movie I cried a lot, it's just so beautiful and I love that the guy is Irish because it reminds me of Niall from One Direction <3 After that we just chilled and ate chips and it was really cosy. I was really tired though, I think I'm a little bit sick even though I won't admit it, so I fell asleep first but yeah it was still very nice. This morning we kind of overslept, because I was going to church really early so there was some troubles around that but in the end it worked out. We ate breakfast while watching Disney Channel and we all felt like kids again. Than at like three a clock I went home to rest before dance class but I ended up skipping the first class but now it's almost time for me to go because I can't miss the second dance class because than I have to catch up with all the choreography later. So I'm going to dance class and than when I come I have to go straight to bed, because I start school at 8 in the morning with math so I can't be tired.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!  

Agnes xx

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