Sunday, 13 October 2013

good times with my girls

Yesterday was a really nice day! Woke up a ten and had a nice Saturday breakfast with the family and after that I went on a long walk with my doggies in the wood, I took my camera with me and will post some of the pretty autumn pictures I took later. After the walk I just chilled and watched New Girl until I had to start getting ready for the birthday dinner/sleepover at my dear friend Ruta's place. I ended up being early (and I'm never early haha) so me and Anna went to Ruta. We started eating sweets while waiting for Bea and when she came we went to buy Pizza and more sweets :) We than had a really nice dinner and the pizza was delicious!!

After dinner we it was movie time. The movies we saw was The Box, She is the man and Beastly. The box was a mix between scary and really weird, the end was really sad but the rest was just a big WHAT.
She is the man is such a funny (we laughed sooo much) and feel-good movie that every girl has to watch. Plus that Channing Tatum is in it and he is just so handsooome!!
Beastly was just such a beautiful movie and I yes I cried a lot in the end. The movie was also staring one of mine and Ruta's all time favourite Alex Pettyfer, we both love him so much <3

We ate way to much sweets,chips and cake and between the movies we took a lot of photos of us being the weird persons we are haha we laughed so much ;)


The pretty birthday girl eating her birthday cake 

Some of the many pictures of me and Annna haha ;)

Bea laughing :)

My outfit!

Ruta's adorable dog Seira <3


It was just such a funny and lovely sleepover with some of the best people I know and yeah we stayed up kind of late and we kind of had to get up really this morning but it was still worth it :)

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