Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Ciao! I'm back from Italy now. I've had a wonderful time in Rome with my family. The weather was lovely, sunny and warm, the food was delicious and it was just really nice. We had rented a apartment instead of staying at a hotel and that was great. We also walked around in Rome, eating pizza, drinking cappuccino, visiting markets. I had already seen most of the tourist things but we saw some anyway. Rome is just such an interesting city full of historical buildings, churches and cool architecture. We have a subject in school where we learn about the history of culture, art and architecture among other things and we have been reading a lot about the roman empire and about the history of it so I knew a lot about that, which made it more interesting to see everything.

We also went to this big family event with Pope Francis, where thousands of family's come to Peter's square to see the pope. He also celebrated the mass outside and it it was really special. We also saw him really close after when he was standing on this car they were driving around so he everyone could see him more closely. Everyone was cheering and shouting and my family and myself ware really happy.

There is a lot of nice things about Rome but there are also some less good, like the traffic. The traffic in Rome is CRAZY, everyone drives like crazy people so you have to be really careful. Another thing is that everyone smokes and everywhere and I just hate when people smoke near me so that was not very nice, but well well.
Apart from that and the mosquitoes we had a really nice stay in Rome. As usually when I travel I had my camera with so here are some pictures I took.

Starbucks for breakfast before the plane. I tried the pumpkin spice latte and it was DELICIOUS!

My name! I even got a cute heart <3

Reading a cute mini version of the latest issue of Marie Claire on the plane (with Zooey Deshanel on the cover yeey) 

Sunset over beautiful Rome


Me in sunny Rome

A typical street in Rome 

My little brother and I having a sward/bred stick fight 

So that was a little update about my trip to Rome :)

Agnes xx 

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