Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rome, here I come!

Long time no see. I'm sorry that I haven't been writing much, I've just been very busy. This week has almost been all about studying. I've had so many tests and homeworks, it almost killed me. Apart from shopping with Vivi this Monday and meeting Elsa for coffee today, all I have been doing this week is studying.

I had a really long school day today, from half past eight to half past five, that never seemed to end. As I said I met Elsa for some coffee after school, but than after that I had to back to school to get some things I had forgot. My friends Eline and Saga and Eline's boyfriend were still in school because they were going to this Halloween concert that the music students at my school were going to have. So I was hanging out with them for a while before I had to go home to pack because tomorrow my family are flying to Rome, Italy. 

Picture that I took in Rome last year :)

This is the third or fourth time I visit Italy and I'm really exited because I have checked the weather status for Rome and its actually pretty warm and sunny there yeey. So I'm going to enjoy the sun, the food and beautiful Rome. But I have to get up really early tomorrow to go to the airport. I will probably eat breakfast at Starbucks which makes me really happy. Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love Starbucks coffee<3 

Now I have to go to bed and I will see you when I get back from Italy.

Agnes xx

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