Sunday, 3 November 2013

autumn break

It's Sunday and that mean that this little autumn break is soon over. It has been a great week, a little messed up, but over all a nice break. After we came home from Rome my sister and I went to stay at our grandparents. We went to this really fancy restaurant and ate delicious food and dessert. The day after I was suppose to have a sleepover with some friends but we had to cancel which was sad.
On Thursday I meet up with my old friend Hanna. We were at her place because she had hurt her leg and couldn't really walk. We had a really nice day making home made butterbeer (the drink they drink in Harry Potter) and watching John Tucker must die.
This Friday I had a chill day just relaxing and watching Pretty Little Liars until I met up with Eline for a quick coffee. In the evening Vivi came over, because she was gonna sleep at my place. We ate ice cream and watched The Notebook. It was the first time I saw that movie and I really liked it and I can admit that we both cried.
On Saturday we just had a nice breakfast and chilled until Vivi had to leave. I had some plans that I was going to meet Ruta and Anna but we decided to meet some other day instead. So I spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading, baking cupcakes with my sister. After dinner my parents, my sister and I watched this Irish movie called The Commitments, wich was quite a funny music movie that was actually really good.
The plan for today was to first go to church, than pick up the tickets I bought for Catching Fire (OMG I can't wait!!) and than go to Ikea with Vivi to buy some stuffs I need and eat cheap food.

So that was my break and I home you all had a nice week too.

Agnes xx   

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  1. Where and when are you going to see "Catching Fire"? xx