Sunday, 16 March 2014


Today has actually been a really great Sunday. I went to church in the morning and when I came home I decided to take an outside jog, the first first outside jog this year actually. It was sunny, but quite windy and only 2 degrees, but it was still nice to just run outside.
 When I came back I ate a delicious lunch with my family, which was chicken with peanut sous and salad. Then Eline rang and asked if I wanted grab a quick coffee, so I met up with her and we went to this cosy cafĂ©. It was nice to just have a spontaneous coffee with her and just talk and laugh.
 On my way home I bought a yummy mango and orange smoothie and when I got home I decided to start reading the book The Maze Runner. Eline has tried to convince me to read that book for weeks now and so far it's really good.
I'm going to continue reading now. Goodnight!


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