Sunday, 9 March 2014

great minds think alike

Some old photos of me and Ruta :)

I have had a really fun weekend and I don't want it to end. The highlight was that Ruta and I had a sleepover at my place. We met up at like four and bought some snacks and then went to my place. We decided to eat the snacks, even thou it was right before dinner (badasses haha), while watching some Top Model Sweden. Then after dinner it was time to watch Melodifestivalen (Swedish music contest on TV) with my family and my aunt and her husband who wanted to watch it with us. My mother and aunt said so many funny things during the contest about the artists clothes and dancing and other random things. My sister, Ruta and especially I laughed all the time and it was just really fun. After that Ruta and I decided to make some coffee and then search for flight and hotel for our England trip this summer which made us so exited and happy.We haven't booked anything yet, but we will very soon. I can't wait to walk around in London, go shopping in all the amazing shops, drink afternoon tea, maybe have a picnic in Hyde Park and a lot of other wonderful stuff.

We then decided to watch the movie The first time, because I'm having the biggest celebrity crush on Dylan O'brian at the moment. The movie was really cute and I can't get over the fact that Dylan is so perfect, awkward and adorable at the same time. I really recommend the movie to those of you who like cheese movies or Dylan O'brian.

We fell asleep way to late and got like three hours of sleep because we had to get up early the next morning to go to church, but we survived because of the wonderful invention coffee. After church I had to hurry home because some relatives were coming over to celebrate my brother Joel, because he turned 10 last week. we had ice cream with chocolate sauce, which was really yummy. But after that I was so tired because of the lack of sleep the night before, so I was going to take a short power nap who turned into a long power nap.
I woke up and it was almost time for dinner. The rest of the evening went by quickly with some tv-watching and now here I am wide awake even though I should go to bed, that's the downside with power naps in the afternoon. I will watch some Teen Wolf now and I will then try to sleep.

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