Sunday, 23 March 2014

my weekend

Coffeeeeeeeee <3
This has been a nice and fun weekend. After eating pancakes for breakfast I spent most of my Saturday morning just drinking coffee and reading. In the afternoon I met up with my friend Bea and we had decided to go to this Divergent event. They had arranged the event because the movie had it's world premiere just a couple of days ago and they wanted to get the Swedish fans exited for the Swedish premiere, which is next month.
 The event turned out to be really great and we had a lot of fun. There were different competitions related to the books and the movie and it was also fun to meet more fans of the books. We also got to eat a delicious Dauntless-cake, a chocolate cake with the Dauntless symbol on it, which was really awesome. We also won some stuff, like tickets for the movie, which was great. After the event we went to Bea's place and we decided to eat sushi for dinner and then rent a movie. We ended up watching the movie The spectacular now. Shailene Woodley, who is the actress who plays the lead part in Divergent,  was in this movie and that was why we wanted to see it.
It was a really cute movie, but more sad then we thought it would be, but still a good movie.

We went to bed quite early because we knew we had to get up early the next morning to go to church. So this morning we ate breakfast and the went to church, and we actually had to hurry even though it's really near Bea's place because we woke a little bit to late. After church I had to go to this meeting, but I after that I could go eat at this Indian restaurant with my family which was really nice and the food was delicious.
I spent the rest of this day just chilling and resting and then ate scones and tea for dinner. I really hope I have the energy to really do my best in school next week, because I have so much to do.
I have to get a good night sleep now, so goodnight everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend!

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