Monday, 13 October 2014


It's been a busy weekend, but also a really fun weekend. This Friday we celebrated Ruta's 18th birthday at TGI Friday's. Apart from Ruta, myself, Anna and Bea there was also three of Ruta's friend. We had a really nice time and I ate way way to much. The music is incredibly loud at Friday's, however we still manage to communicate by yelling haha. I got home quite late and I had a sure throat and a full stomach, but it was a fun night.

On Saturday I met up with Hanna for lunch and we then decided to headed to IKEA because I needed to buy some things for my room. Apart from the decoration stuff for my room we also took the chance to buy cheep coffee and cakes, because that's something that you have to do when you're at IKEA. It was really great catching up with Hanna.

This Sunday after church my friend Miriam and I bought some coffee and decided to go for a long walk in our beautiful Stockholm. I had missed her so much and it was lovely to walk without a destination and just talk, I think that's underestimated.

That was a summery of my weekend and I hope you all had a nice weekend too.

Agnes xx

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