Tuesday, 20 May 2014

my weekend

I just thought I would tell you about my weekend, because I haven't been updating much lately :)
So this Friday Johanna and I went to this dance show with the oldest students at my school and they were all amazing. After that Johanna and I went to her place. Her parents made meat and fries for dinner and we ate outside which was really cosy. We then decided to sit on her bed and watch the movie Remember Me and eat sweets and chips. We were both really tired but Johanna was the one falling asleep like half an hour into the movie, so I watched the rest of the movie and then I fell asleep too.

In the morning we just chilled, ate breakfast and ate the rest of the sweets. I then had to go home to change and then I met up with Ruta. The weather was absolutely lovely and it was sunny and warm outside. So we went to Espresso House and ordered our coffee and then decided to sit outside. I ordered an ice latte and Ruta some kind of chocolate frapino. We then decided to walk around in beautiful Stockholm before Ruta had to go to her modelling class. I headed home and in the evening my family had some family friends over and we had a really nice dinner. 

This Sunday I went to church and then after church my friend Miriam and I bought some things to have a little picnic, we bought bread and brownies and a lot of other nice stuff. After the picnic we decided to just walk around and talk. I love spending time with her because we can both have a lot of fun together, but we can also have really serious conversations. After saying goodbye to each other I went home to do some homework and to rest. I started to feel ill in the evening and I had to stay home from school both yesterday and today because of fever. I have studied a lot and also watched the 90's movie Clueless, which I like a lot, and watched the TV show Veronica Mars a lot.
Now I have to start packing because I'm going to Ireland in just 2 DAYS!!!

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