Sunday, 22 December 2013

no more school for almost three weeks

This picture is taken by Eline and it is a picture of me, Johanna, Ewe and Jocke this friday on our last day of school before the holidays. It was a really nice day in many ways. In school we watched some really nice music performances and we also saw some of the teachers perform, which was one of the funniest thing I have ever seen. After the performances we had a really cosy time eating gingerbreads and getting our secret-Santa presents. After the official school day was over like half of my class went to eat lunch and then go ice-skating in Kungsträdgården. It was the nicest thing and they were playing Christmas music all time which made it feel a lot more like it's almost Christmas. They were playing Jingle Bell Rock at least five times, and every time they did, me and Ellie started singing really loud and we actually tried to do the Mean Girls moves on ice which was a really bad idea. Ida and I also sang My heart will go on while I pushed her and she had her arms out, haha I think people thought we were crazy.
It was over all great day, even though my feet and legs were hurting a lot when I came home. 

This is a picture of some of the wonderful people who made the day really great.
From the left: Karolina, Ida, me, Hanna, Ludde, Eza, Rasmus, Lollo, Jocke, Ellie.
(I borrowed the photo from Lollo's blog)

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays too.


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