Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas is almost here

It almost Christmas and time for our school break, which is the only thing keeping me going. I'm also going to the Canary Islands in just a week, which I am so exited about.
 I had a really long day in school, which was filled with a lot of dance which was both really nice but also made me really tired. But the thing that really made my day was that today I met up with my dear friends Ruta, Anna and Bea for a little exchange of Christmas presents/ coffee time meet-up. We were suppose to go to Starbucks, but there was so much people there that we ended up at Espresso House. It was just really cosy to spend time with good friends, while listening to Christmas and drinking tea. I also got really nice Christmas presents( yeah we opened them right away). I got a really pretty necklace from Anna, an nice hand cream from Ruta and than we all got that we will do an activity together from Bea which was a really good present. 
Here are some pictures (yes I like to take photos of my coffee)

my latte  

Ruta's and Anna's coffee and other tasty stuff

nom nom

Bea's hot chocolate


the beauty, Ruta
pretty Anna! look at those Christmas nails

Hope everyone had a good day!

Agnes xx

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