Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I just want to tell you how happy I am that November is over and that it is finally December. I just really love December and it is in my opinion the cosiest month of the year. I also love the fact that it is almost Christmas, which means that I can start listening to my beloved Christmas spotify list, start buying Christmas present, start watching Christmas movies and decorate things with Christmas decorations and a lot more nice things. 

I also wanted to tell you about some fun things I have been up to. One of those things is the funny sleepover Ruta and I had last week. We met up after school last Friday and went to Espresso House. I had a coffee called like elf-latte, a latte with like cinnamon flavour which was delicious  (Yes I even want my coffee to taste like Christmas), I also had a coconut ball because I love those. Ruta had mocha latte and a ginger bread-cupcake (more Christmas flavours yey). 
My elf-latte <3


Ruta's ginger bread-cupcake

Mocha latte

After that we went snacks-shopping and then to Ruta's place. We watched Victoria Secret Fashon Show of the years 2010 and 2012 while eating Ben & Jerry, the flavour New York Super Fudge Chunk which is delicious. Ruta loves VS and she has made me love it too, especially the fashions shows.
We ate leftovers from her Thanksgiving dinner for dinner and also a delicious pumpkin pie that Ruta had baked.

My pretty bestie eating pie <3

Pumpkin pie and tea <3

London mug <3

We also watched the movie "The Vow". The movie was so sad and the story is really beautiful and it was staring both Channing Tatum and Rachel Mcadams which is two actors I really like.Then on Saturday we ate a nice big breakfast before we went to this audition for a short movie and aftar that went for another coffee. It was really nice to hang out with my dear Ruta, as always.  

This became a rather long blog post because of the pictures but I think that's just nice. I hope all of you are enjoying December too and I will try to write soon again. 

Agnes xx

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