Tuesday, 15 April 2014

oh sunny day

I have had a really nice day. The weather was lovely and sunny today, so my brother Tobias and I decided to take a long walk with our dog Sigge. It was nice to see that so many  colourful flowers everywhere. Spring is finally here to stay!  When we came back we ate some pizza for lunch and then decided to get some milkshake, which was yummy yummy! 

I've had a chill afternoon in the sun, just reading and drinking coffee. I also decided to go out for a run outside, with loud music on repeat in my ears. It was exhausting, but it felt really good afterwards. I really should try to make running a habit again, because I think it is a good way to exercise beside from all my dancing in school.

Right now I'm trying to study some math and it's not going very well, but I should get some applause for trying. I should really get back to my equations and fractions now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

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