Sunday, 30 June 2013

my weekend

I've had a really nice weekend. This Friday I went to Ikea with Vivi because we wanted to eat cheap meatballs and pizza and also buy some stuff. For example I bought some scented candles that smelled really nice. In the late afternoon I meet up with my friends Johanna, Jocke and Ida to eat something before the cinema, because we were going to watch Despicable me 2. It was sooo good!! I've watched the first movie so many times, and I love it and I really loved this one too.

Then on Saturday me and my family went to our summer house on the countryside to celebrate my grandmother, my father and me because we all have birthdays in June. So we had a big dinner with the family, ate a lot of food and had a really nice time and then we stayed there for the night.

This morning (Sunday morning), me and my sister went back into the city, first we went to church and then we went with our friends to have a big picnic. Everyone had brought some kind of food with them so we ate a lot and then we also played football and baseball. It was a lot of fun!

So that was my weekend. Hope you also had a good weekend!

Agnes xx

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