Monday, 26 August 2013

my week

This my first week of school and It has actually been quite a good but busy week.
My first day was Monday and it was pretty chill and it was wonderful to meet everyone in my class. After the first day in school I meet up with Vivi to buy some school stuff and a new bag (I uploaded  pictures of it a couple of days a go, I absolutely love it). We ended up buying subway, cookies and coffee to oups.

Tuesday was okey too, but we started with our normal schedule so we had normal lessons and everything and that was quite tough, but It was nice to have my first dance class since before summer. After school me and my sister went to the mall to buy some jeans for her and some coffee for me (I drink way to much coffee now a days).

Wednesday was quite tough because we started the day at 8am with two hours of math, then almost two hours of Swedish and then after lunch we had two dance classes that together was almost 4 hours. When school ended at half past four I was so tired but I had to hurry to choir practise, I was really hungry so luckily my friend Bene had made cupcakes haha. I came home at like 8 in the evening. Busy day!

This Thursday was really nice because we only had two lessons before lunch  (one of dance was a really fun dance class) and after that my class went to see a dance performance outside. It was a contemporary piece that was really inspiring. After the performance my friend Johanna and I went to buy some stuff that she needed and then we stopped for some coffee at espresso house (yes I like coffee, A LOT).

Friday was a pretty short school day because we had this group thingy were people from different classes are in groups and do different things together. After school I went home to get ready because I was gonna go to this party that the oldest one at my school arranges every year to welcome the new one, In swedish it's called a "insparksfest", but everyone in the school are invited. At like eight I meet up with my friends to go there together. It was at Långholmen, by the water, and it was really fun. But at like 10 my friends Johanna, Hanna and Ellinor started to feel hungry so we decided to go to Café 60 to buy some coffee and some thing to eat. It was really nice and we had a good time. At like half past 11 I had to go home, but It was a really nice Friday.

On Saturday I woke up at like 9 and had a chill morning. Sat in the sun, reed, listen to music, drank ice tea and actually did some of my home works. I also went for a really nice run in the sun, even though it was really hot outside.  At like 5 I meet up with Vivi. We bought some food and cookies and then went to Vitabergsparken to see a ballet performers from the Royal Opera perform a part from the ballet Giselle. It was so beautiful and inspiring and the dancers looked stunning. After the performance we grabbed some coffee (I am way to addicted, but Its just cant live without it) and then went home at like 9.

Today, Sunday, was nice too. Went to church in the morning, ate lunch with some friends then went home to rest because I had two dance classes in the evening. The first class was a modern jazz class and the teacher was a dance teacher from New York. He was such an inspiring dance teacher and the dance class was very tough but it was exactly the challenge I needed. The second class was a contemporary class and that was a really good class too, so I was exhausted when I came home, but really happy. Dancing makes me really happy.

That was my week. Hope you had a good week too! I have to sleep now because I have to go to school really early tomorrow.

Agnes xx

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